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The main reason for women's buttocks hypertrophy!
Big buttocks is not a good thing, because the buttocks are too big, it looks very different from your figure, it is very ugly. It is also difficult to choose the right clothes, so you have to wear beautiful clothes. In short, ass hypertrophy is not good-looking, it is recommended that women should understand the reasons for ass hypertrophy, so as to better consider reducing the ass and return the body to a perfect state.

The main reason for women's buttocks hypertrophy!

1. Sitting for too long

When sitting all the time, the buttocks will become large and wide, because when sitting, the buttocks fat will always be pressed, and the fat will naturally spread to the surroundings under the action of gravity, just like the dough, which was originally round, pinched from the center of the circle The longer the kneading time, the dough will become full of bread and become wider and larger. Therefore, women who want to improve the condition of buttocks should not sit all the time, they should get up and walk every other hour, and press the acupuncture points of this part appropriately to promote blood circulation.

Second, the size of the pants is different

Many women like to wear sexy clothes, such as wearing mini skirts, low waist pants, etc., and also like to wear tight jeans, corsets, etc. These wearings are one of the main culprits that cause you to gain weight. For example, wearing a short skirt can easily lead to cold legs, which affects the blood circulation of the lower body and can easily lead to fat accumulation, which can lead to enlarged buttocks. Therefore, it is necessary to keep warm when wearing clothes on weekdays, otherwise it is said that it is easy to cause body fatness due to cold.

In addition, some women's underwear is not correct, wearing too big or too tight underwear will also affect the shape of the buttocks. For example, if the underwear is too large, it cannot support the flesh on the buttocks, which causes the flesh to sag and expand because there is not enough support. For example, if the underwear is too tight, the meat on the buttocks will be squeezed out, causing the buttocks to deform. Therefore, if you want to have the perfect shape and lines of the butt, you need to choose the right underwear. It is recommended that women choose carefully when choosing underwear, and do not dare to choose because they are shy.

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