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Tips for repairing skin after staying up late!
Because of the impact of the epidemic, everyone is at home, staying at home during the day and staying up late to play at night, either chatting with sunflower seeds or watching TV and playing games. Most people stay up late every day, which is bad for health and skin. Especially women, when staying up late for a long time, not only dark circles will come out, but also spots may grow. So, we must learn to repair the skin after staying up late, so how to repair the skin after staying up late?

Tips for repairing skin after staying up late!

How to repair the skin after staying up late?

1. Correct sleep habits

After staying up late, the skin condition will gradually deteriorate. This is because from 11 o'clock in the evening to two o'clock the next day, this period is the period of skin repair. If you want good skin, you must ensure that you are asleep during this time, and it is best to enter a deep sleep. Because after the human body goes to sleep, the skin can be better metabolized to repair the damage. So, to correct sleep habits in time, don't stay up all night!

You should develop the habit of going to bed early, try to go to bed at ten o'clock, and put down the phone before going to bed, do not lie on the side while playing the phone while thinking about falling asleep. If you watch TV or play games before going to bed, it will only make your brain more active, but it will affect your sleep. In addition, a comfortable sleeping environment should also be created. For example, the blanket should be softer and the light should be softer. You must turn off the light before going to bed and turn on the light to sleep, because when you lie down, you will face the dazzling Lights make it harder to fall asleep.

Second, you must remove makeup

Many women fall asleep when they stay up late. It is estimated that when they wake up the next day, they do not know when they fell asleep yesterday. Such women often forget to remove makeup and sleep with makeup. Thick makeup will cover the pores of the skin and affect the metabolism of the skin, thus causing more accumulation of skin garbage. It is recommended that after eating, after taking a break, you should stop doing household chores and things that will make you sweaty. You should start removing makeup. After removing makeup, play with your mobile phone or chat with your family. In this way, even if you fall asleep accidentally, it will not affect your skin.

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