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Eye contact wears every day, easy to fatigue, corneal hypoxia!
There are a lot of women in myopia in life, and they will choose to wear color lenses in order to see more clearly. In fact, contact lenses are also contact lenses. Do you use color lenses? Do you know how long a contact lens can be worn in a day? Can it be worn every day? Today I will take you to talk about the beauty contact in detail.

Eye contact wears every day, easy to fatigue, corneal hypoxia!

How long does the contact lens wear daily?

In fact, the length of the contact lens wearing time is the most concerned, what is the average daily use time? If you said that you just wore the contact lens, the best time to wear it on the first day is not more than four hours. You can wear 6 hours on the second day and 8 hours on the third day. For those wearing long lenses, they can wear up to ten hours a day.

Can the contact lenses be worn every day?

Many people are wondering if it is okay to wear the contact lenses every day? In fact, this is not okay. You should know that wearing a color lens every day will cause eye discomfort, such as visual fatigue or dryness and burning. And wearing it every day can easily cause the cornea to be in a state of hypoxia, then problems such as red eyes will appear. Furthermore, the eyes may be damaged by pigments. Many color lenses are directly stained with pigments, which can easily cause shedding. Therefore, it is recommended to wear glasses for two weeks.

How to wear the contact lenses.

Wash your hands to make sure the positive and negative mirrors of the contact lenses. Once they are close to your hands, you can use saline. Then put the contact lens on the index finger and open the eyelids. Place the contact lens slowly in the middle of the eye, and let go when the lens touches the eyeball.

How to remove the contact lenses.

After washing your hands and draining, grab the upper eyelid with your left middle finger and the lower eyelid with your right middle finger. Then look up, touch the bottom of the lens with your index finger, push it to the white part of the eye, and take it out with your thumb and index finger.

In fact, most lenses are used by most women, it will not affect the appearance and will increase the charm. However, it is recommended that friends should learn to use the contact lens. The contact lens should not be worn every day, and the daily use time should not exceed ten hours.

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