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There are five reasons why women have dandruff!
Many female friends are complaining about why they still have dandruff in the maintenance of hair. Do you know what is the cause of dandruff? In fact, it may be due to diet or sleep and physical abnormalities. So what are the reasons for the simple inventory of dandruff today?

There are five reasons why women have dandruff!

These reasons cause dandruff!

The first: more oil

Everyone's physique and hair quality are different, and some people have excessive oil secretion. This is because the excessive growth of parasitic bacteria leads to excessive secretion of cortex and the appearance of dandruff, so it is easy to have dandruff if the hair is prone to oil.

Second: sleep

Insufficient sleep can also cause dandruff. Because sleep directly affects the metabolism of hair, and lack of sleep will lead to abnormal metabolism, then dandruff will appear or increase.

The third: bad stomach

What are the causes of dandruff? It may be caused by physical discomfort. When you have a bad stomach, it will cause the secretion of hormones to decrease, then the hormones will affect the hair, and problems such as dandruff will appear.

Fourth: diet

Diet can also lead to dandruff, some people in life like to eat fried, some people like to eat spicy and stimulating food, and some people like alcohol and tobacco. Then when you eat spicy food or tobacco and alcohol will affect the metabolism of the body, then naturally dandruff will increase.

Fifth: clean

Do you wash your hair often? In fact, dandruff is related to the frequency of shampooing and the choice of products. If you wash your hair every day, then the protective layer of the cortex is easy to fall, and dandruff will naturally increase. And some people suddenly change the product or the shampoo product they use will be allergic, then it will also cause the appearance of dandruff.

What are the causes of dandruff? Generally, these are the factors mentioned above. Xiao Bian recommends that if you want to protect your hair, you should pay attention to diet, pay more attention to reasonable shampooing, and choose products that suit you.

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