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Two common hazards of weight loss pills!
Everyone wants a slim body, but you need to use the right method to get good results. If you use the wrong method, not only will you not lose weight, but it will hurt your body. In other words, unhealthy thinness, no matter what kind of situation, is not good for a woman's body. For example, taking medicine to lose weight is unreliable and has huge harm. So what are the hazards of weight loss pills? Let's take a look below.

Two common hazards of weight loss pills!

What are the hazards of weight loss pills?

Hazard 1. Go to the toilet too frequently

Many women will feel uncomfortable after taking weight loss pills, and then go to the toilet several times a day, with a layer of oil attached to the excrement. After taking some medicine, the diarrhea was pulled out. Although I found that I lost five or six pounds after a few days, it is unhealthy to lose weight like this. People eat about the same food every day, and go to the toilet several times a day, how can there be so much debris. In addition to food debris, there is some water in the discharge.

The body needs a lot of water, because the water is sufficient to make the body work properly, so that the skin is moisturized and elastic. Because diarrhea will take away part of the water, if you go to the toilet many times a day, it means that part of the water in the body will be taken away, leaving the body without water to nourish. After a long time, the woman will become dry and dry, and the skin will become worse, for example, become dry, even peeling and so on.

Hazard two, affect sleep

There are many types of weight loss drugs on the market. Some of the weight loss drugs contain amphetamines. After this ingredient is taken into the body, people will become very excited, and it is easy to sleep at night. Long-term use of this drug will cause the body to develop drug resistance, which will lead to emotional instability, even hallucinations, sleep disorders and other problems. If sleep is not good for a long time, it will affect the metabolism of the body. Once the metabolic system has problems, it is easy to induce obesity.

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