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Four tips for women to use eye cream!
In life, many women will choose eye cream to protect the eyes and the surrounding skin. Eye cream can be said to be a common skin care product. Will you use eye cream? It is reported that wrong use may cause eye injury. The following is a brief introduction to some tips for using eye cream to make you understand eye cream more and more.

Four tips for women to use eye cream!

First: continuous use

In fact, many friends are very diligent in replacing eye cream. However, it is necessary to know that skin care products must be used continuously so that they can exert their effects. Therefore, when you choose the eye cream that suits you, don't change it frequently, and stick to it will be effective.

Second: the choice of different time

In fact, there are many types of eye cream, and the use of eye cream with different functions is also different. For example, general eye cream can be used at night. In the daytime, it is more suitable for eye cream with good moisturizing effect and easy absorption. Of course, the eye creams chosen in different seasons are also different.

Third: Learn to apply

Many people use eye cream to get it done by simply rubbing it. In fact, this effect is not very good. In general, put the eye cream directly on the ring finger first, and then press in one direction, so that the skin can be better absorbed.

Fourth: use time period

Many women only start using eye cream after the age of 25, because they all think that the start of the downhill is only after the age of 25. In fact, the collagen in a woman's body begins to run out when she is 18 years old. When she is 25 years old, her eyes are already a lot of aging, so pay attention to the time of use. It is recommended to use it from 18 years old instead of 25 years old Just use it, this can slow down the aging of the skin.

It is important to know that the aging of women starts from the eyes first, so it is necessary to do eye care. While eye creams are common eye skin care products, learning to use eye cream will greatly reduce aging. Those friends who don't know how to use eye cream can learn some of the above tips. They can keep you having bright eyes.

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