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Two ways to lighten wrinkles on the eyes!
Women are most afraid of getting old, but time waits for no one, everyone will gradually grow old. But for women, if they don't do maintenance, they will be older than others, and others still maintain their youth, but they already have wrinkles on their faces. Among them, eye wrinkles are often the earliest. The existence of these wrinkles causes women to be particularly old. In order to make them look younger, please be sure to remove eye wrinkles. So how do you remove eye wrinkles? Several methods are recommended here, you can try it.

Two ways to lighten wrinkles on the eyes!

How to remove eye wrinkles?

Method one, apply hot eye skin

Prepare a clean, soft, small towel, prepare a pot of boiling water, and place the towel in boiling water for a few minutes. Remove it and wring it out slightly, then fold it into a square and place it on the skin around the eyes for a few minutes. After the towel heat is gone, take the towel off and massage the skin around the eyes with your fingertips, which can speed up the blood circulation around the eyes and allow the skin around the eyes to get enough moisture to moisturize and slowly fade the eyes Wrinkles.

Method two, insist on applying eye cream

Some women always wait for wrinkles on their faces before applying eye cream. They want to improve the wrinkle problem by maintaining the skin around the eyes. The editor reminded that waiting for the wrinkles to come out for maintenance is one step late, and the effect is relatively slow. In order to avoid long wrinkles around the eyes, it is recommended to apply eye cream in time before going to bed every day, and after applying it, massage the area with finger pressure to better absorb the nutrients in the eye cream. And it is best to choose eye cream with a lot of water content. When the skin absorbs enough water, it is not easy to produce eye wrinkles caused by dryness.

In addition to these two problems, the editor reminds that if you want to lighten the wrinkles around the eyes, be sure to do eye cleansing, especially for women who like heavy makeup. When they put on makeup, they always wear very thick makeup, and eye makeup is also one of them. If you have eye makeup, be sure to remove makeup before going to bed to avoid the accumulation of cosmetics on the skin, affecting skin breathing.

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